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everlasting_foo's Journal

For Fans of Leven Thumps
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A Community for fans of the book series Leven Thumps by Obert Skye.
Everlasting Foo: A Leven Thumps Fan Community


Well welcome! This is a community for the fans of the books series Leven Thumps written by Obert Skye. This communities main focus is on all things Leven Thumps. Feel free to share your fiction, your art or anything else your imagination comes up with!

Feel free also to talk about or debate any topics brought forth by the books! We are welcoming all characters and all 'ships so everyone can feel welcome. :) Feel free also to simply introduce yourself, tell us why you enjoyed the books and what yoru favorite things about them is!


1. Please respect eachother. <3 Everyone has different views. If you don't like a particular character or ship, don't bother commenting on art or fiction about them if you are just going to suck about it. :)

2. Please keep all dicussion on topic to the community! :)

3. All fiction and art must be placed beneath and LJ cut! If you don't know what an LJ cut is, feel free to send me a private message or email me. :)

4. Adult Material is allowed, however it MUST be beneath a cut and you MUST warn those who are under 18 and unable to view such things! If you are 18 and happen to view something marked as being 'adult'... please be mature about it. :) Thank you!


I'm your friendly neighborhood Mod, Syndal. Feel free to contact me at wiggly_fish. I'm quite nice, I like to think. :) I'll answer any silly (or not so silly!) question you may have! ^^ Thank you!

I am looking for a lovely banner to put in this info section :) If you would like to make one, please contact me with the finished product! I am also looking for a Foo-tastic layout involving the Leven Thumps characters... :) So any help is appriciated!

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